Sunday, April 27, 2008

Removal of Green

A golf course only comes alive when people are there to play it. As a golfer strikes down into the ground a divot is made. The course has been wounded. The same people who give life to the course...kill the course. Green has been removed.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Collecting Data

The golf course refused to allow anyone to place flags on their golf course while play was in session. They did not want anyone to disturb their members. An alternative analysis tool was decided; photography. Between the hours of 12pm until 4pm... Standing on the putting green. Photographs were taken each time a golfer reached where their drive landed. At first play was slow, and then around 2pm play picked up and many golfers began teeing off one after another. The resuts of the data collection show a wide range in placements of golf shots. A surprisingly even distribution throughout the landing area.

Friday, April 25, 2008

In the middle of it all...

Standing in the middle of it all. The completely private community of Country Club of Troy, a perfectly maintained green. On the putter green one becomes engulfed in it all, the expensive cars pulling into the club, the members walking into white club house, and golfers teeing it off on the first hole while others wait to tee off on the putting green. The first hole of any golf course, especially this one, is one filled with social interactions. The drive on the first hole sets the mentality for a golfer for the rest of the day. There was a richness in engery on this tee that seemed fitting for the site of analysis.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A New Topography

The power of one nad the power of many. One flag in a field is naked and becomes lost, while a hundred flags begines to read as a new datum; a new artificial landscape. Sticking with the basic fundamental concepts of trying to lose the authorship of the piece, the flags would become a diagraming process; diagraming the play of the golfers. Choosing one hole at the golf course, one would stand at the edge of the landing area. As a golfer played their tee shot, one would then run and place a flag where their ball landed. A diagram would begin to grow as more players begin to play th hole. If the left side of the hole normally was the common landing area, the new landscape fo flags may begin to influence future players to hit the golf ball away from the previous flags. One may think at first glance that the flags are present for course maintaince. The golfers would become influenced based on the players before them. Photographs will be taken to show the evolutionary process.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Country Club of Troy

The project focus has moved from around the parimeter of the Country Club of Troy to within the golf course itself. The project has changed focused slightly and is moving towards the process of diagraming the play of golf or the analysis of the play on this highly manicured property. The community group focus is now purely the members of the country club instead of the issues between the two different community groups.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pixels of Color

Pixels of color. Golf balls can be extremely cheap. They can be painted easily and have a lot of artistic potential. When using a mass of golf balls, each ball could read like a pixel of color. The pixels could be used to make a sign, or path or image. A lot of potential is seen in this medium.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Threshold Condition

Between the public roadway and the formal golf course of Country Club of Troy lies a strange buffer zone. The zone is owned by the golf course but backyards of homes back up into the area. Each time people drive down the narrow wnding road, around the meadow like buffer, local residence occupy the land. A sense of two communties enagaging or a split second, one driving quickly by as one walks at ease. How can these two communities enage further? Should the threshold of the bordering conditon be harshened or blurred?