Friday, April 18, 2008

A New Topography

The power of one nad the power of many. One flag in a field is naked and becomes lost, while a hundred flags begines to read as a new datum; a new artificial landscape. Sticking with the basic fundamental concepts of trying to lose the authorship of the piece, the flags would become a diagraming process; diagraming the play of the golfers. Choosing one hole at the golf course, one would stand at the edge of the landing area. As a golfer played their tee shot, one would then run and place a flag where their ball landed. A diagram would begin to grow as more players begin to play th hole. If the left side of the hole normally was the common landing area, the new landscape fo flags may begin to influence future players to hit the golf ball away from the previous flags. One may think at first glance that the flags are present for course maintaince. The golfers would become influenced based on the players before them. Photographs will be taken to show the evolutionary process.

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